Property Tax Rate Set; Collection of School Taxes Accepted By Dade Commission


In Monday’s special called meeting of the Dade County Commission; the unincorporated millage rate was set at 8.000 mills and the incorporated millage rate was set at 10.7330 mills. This acceptance followed three public hearings where members of the public were presented with the proposed rate changes and allowed to voice their opinions and concerns.

Following the millage rate vote, Dade County School Superintendent Josh Ingle presented the 2021 set millage rate of 14.388 that was set by the Dade County Board of Education. The County Commission elected to collect the taxes levied of $6,126,807 less 2.5%, or $153,170 which will be held by the County for the collection. This sets the total 2021 tax collected by the school board at $5,973,636.83.

You may watch the entire proceedings below:

by Orey Yates