‘Project Charter’ Could Bring 40 Jobs to Trenton, According to Industrial Development Authority


During their monthly meeting Monday, Dade County’s Industrial Development Authority announced they were working on ‘Project Charter’ as their newest R.F.I. or “Request for Information.” These requests are in regards to companies looking to move a production facility into Dade County. The company that Project Charter concerns would be building a 300,000 sq. ft. building (over 3 levels; taking up 100,000 sq. ft. of space) in Trenton’s industrial complex. The company’s identity remains unannounced; however William Back did confirm that the company manufactured parts for batteries. If the company were to choose Trenton as a location, they would be committing to bringing 40 jobs to the area, and ‘potentially a lot of money to the area,’ according to Back. The project is very early in development, and the IDA promises to keep the public informed as it moves forward.

Chairman of the Alliance for Dade’ Board of Directors, George Williams announced that the Chamber of Commerce had risen to a total of 95 investors, nearing their goal of 100 total. The Alliance also announced they were working on a program called ‘Drugs Don’t Work’ to provide Dade County companies to apply for a Worker’s Compensation with a reduction of expense. The project is scheduled to go live in February.

You can watch the entire meeting below:

by Orey Yates