One Lane Traffic on 136 West; Construction Repairs Will Last at Least 3 Weeks


The road work that began on 136 West this on the side of Sand Mountain Wednesday took the entire county by surprise. “We knew they were going to do it, but they didn’t give us any notice of a start-date as far as the commission goes,” Executive Commissioner Rumley told K-WIN Today.

The Executive went on to say that they’d talked about the upcoming paving of one of the most trafficked roads in Dade County; they’d even mentioned it in a few meetings. Rumley followed up: “It’ll run from the red light in Trenton, all the way up to the Alabama Line.”

The project was organized by the State of Georgia; with the bid for contract going to a paving company out of Calhoun. The time frame that was allotted for the company to finish the project was 6-8 months. However, Rumley says it is estimated they will be finished in 3-4 weeks, possibly a little longer. He said he was in the process of getting in touch with a representative to talk with the commission in more detail.

by Orey Yates

photo by Noah C. Bynum