NGHC Calls Out Parkridge Health System For Putting Profit Over Patients Regarding State Decision Appeal


The following press release comes from the Northwest Georgia Hospital Coalition:

Profits before Patients:  Tennessee Hospital Blocks Georgia Residents Access to Care by Appealing State Decision, Granting New Replacement Hospital

On Monday, July 25, the Northwest Georgia Hospital Coalition (NGHC) determined, in the interests of our families and friends, information surrounding the status of a new replacement hospital should be readily available to all those adversely impacted by this senseless delay.  In an effort to create a central location for our residents to stay current, the coalition has established

The Northwest Georgia Hospital Coalition is a nonprofit community led organization formed by Catoosa, Dade and Walker County residents and supported by our locally elected officials.  Our sole mission is to support and improve access to care for our citizens.  We are a growing region and believe that with the advancements in medicine we require and deserve a new modern hospital to serve our families.

It is not the intent nor objective to support one health system over another.  It is our sincere belief that working together allows us the greatest opportunity to achieve our common goals of creating a healthier society.

However, our efforts have been thwarted by an out of state hospital, Parkridge Health System. Parkridge’s CEO, Tom Ozborne, has appealed the State of Georgia’s decision to issue a Certificate of Need to allow CHI Memorial to build a $120 million replacement hospital to serve Northwest Georgia residents.  Plain and simple, an out-of-state, for-profit hospital, should not interfere with the delivery and access to care for Georgia patients.

If Parkridge stands behind its stated Mission and Values: “[a]bove all else, [being] committed to the care and improvement of human life,” it should withdraw its appeal before the State of Georgia.  Anything shy of an immediate withdrawal of its appeal will be viewed in complete disregard or care for human life and contrary to Parkridge’s so called Mission.

Our region is experiencing incredible growth and much of our economic viability long-term is dependent upon a robust healthcare system, but we fear any further delay of a new replacement hospital will be a major setback for our progress.  As labor shortages continue to plague our businesses, it is more important than ever that we maintain a healthy workforce.  Not 24 months ago, our healthcare providers were faced with unimaginable decisions when the coronavirus pandemic strained hospital resources.  And so, we ask: how can a so-called healthcare provider in good faith or conscious, block much needed improvements to our overall healthcare system?

Our voices must and will be heard.  Parkridge cannot be allowed to put profits over patients – human life is far to precious.