New Sheriff in Town, Governor Kay Ivey Appoints Rocky Harden as News Jackson County Sheriff

Late Thursday afternoon Rocky Harnen received a call from Governor Kay Ivey’s Office informing him that he had been appointed as the new Sheriff of Jackson County, replacing the now retired Sheriff Chuck Phillips.]
Rocky Harnen released the following.
First, let me take this opportunity to thank Governor Ivey for having the confidence in me to appoint me to this position. I understand how important this new role will be and am truly humbled and excited to step into the position as your Jackson County Sheriff. I can assure the citizens of Jackson County that I will continue to uphold the high standards that this Office requires. Know that I will work tirelessly to protect the citizens of Jackson County and will continue to uphold the Constitution of the State of Alabama and the United States.
Second, I want to thank Sheriff Phillips for his leadership and guidance over the past 12 years as I have served under him as his Chief Deputy. He has taught me so much about the Sheriff’s Office and I look forward to this new challenge.
Lastly, but most importantly, I want to thank all of the employees of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and the County Jail. Although they are often understaffed and overworked, they continue to diligently and selflessly protect and serve the Citizens of this County. These employees are a vital and integral part of this office and I will ask them for their continued dedication as we move forward.
Rocky Harnen was officially sworn into office by the Honorable District Judge Don Word as Sheriff for Jackson County.
The ceremony was held at the Jackson County Courthouse. In attendance was his beautiful wife Trish Harnen along with his family, friends, and community.
Sheriff Rocky Harnen swears to continue to protect and serve all citizens of Jackson County.