New Ordinances and Amendments Approved and Discussed by Dade Commissioners


Several changes to county ordinances including the addition of new ordinances and amendments for other ordinances.

The final reading of the amendments to two county ordinances allowing Sunday package sales and Sunday liquor by the drink sales was held during the August County Commission meeting. The amendments to the ordinances were written according to state guidelines. Commissioners approved the amendments.

A discussion of an ordinance to protect historical monuments and statues continued from the July meeting. The ordinance was first requested by Commissioner Lamar Lowery. County Attorney Robin Rogers explained that the state had recently passed a statute covering the protection of historical monuments and statues. Rogers said nothing was required currently, but an ordinance for the county would be drafted based on the state statute.

A possible timber ordinance for the county is in the same situation as the historical monument and statues ordinance. Rogers said an amendment to the state’s timber statute had been passed and an ordinance for the county would be drafted based on the state statutes. County Commissioner Phillip Hartline said he felt like the passing of a timber ordinance by commissioners would be overstepping their bounds.

A change to the public input policy for County Commission meetings is in the works. A public input section has been added to the county’s work session for discussion of agenda items only. A time limit and a limit on the number of people who can speak during the work session public input time is being discussed. A regular public input is still going to be held near the end of the regular meeting where the topics discussed can be anything.

The Firefighter memorial proposed by Trenton Fire Department Cheif Jerry Kyzer will be moving forward. Kyzer asked in the July Commission meeting for permission to place the memorial in the raised, round flower bed directly across from the old courthouse in Veteran’s Park. Some concern over whether that area had been given to the Veteran’s for use was expressed, but Rumley explained that after looking at the meeting and information from when the Veteran’s memorial was approved the only area given to the veterans was the monument area and space around it, the rest belonged to the county. Commissioner Lamar Lowery suggested that Law Enforcement might also want to have a memorial with the Fire Department as well. The same restrictions the Veteran’s were under for their memorial will be given for the new memorial.

Roads were another topic of discussion at the August County Commission Meeting and Work Session. Rumley announced work would begin on County Road 6 where the road has been sliding. Rumley said a wall was put in last time the road was repaired to stop the sliding and they would just need to tie in with that wall. Rumley said the road would not be shut down until they are ready to do the work.

Morganville Ridge is another road having issues with the road sliding, although not as big as County Road 6, Rumley said. Work is being planned to fix Morganville Ridge as well. Rumley said anyone with questions about the roads or concerns can call him at 423-668-7999.

Discussion also continued on the proposal by the Wildwood Lifestyle Center for the county to abandon Lifestyle Lane to the hospital. The request was made at the July County Commission meeting due to issues with vandalism and theft along the road. The hospital would like to gate the road off to cut down on access to the facilities and property. Commissioners approved the abandonment of Lifestyle Lane to the hospital.

Dade resident Walter Moore asked Chief Assessor Paula Duvall to explain the increase in taxes on four properties he owns along the bluff. One home, Moore said, had an increase in value of $100,000, but his three others were all increased as well and one of the properties has a home with the roof ready to fall in. Duvall explained that value per square foot had gone up and Rumley asked Moore to go meet with the Chief Assessor to discuss the problems further.

Moore asked Rumley about the Northwest Georgia Joint Development Authority (NWGJDA) and the money paid into the Authority by the County. Rumley explained that the NWGJDA promotes the county all over the world and the state incentives the county can offer to new industries, require that the county be part of a JDA. Rumley said they could look at it more. Rumley explained the county had asked for quarterly updates from the NWGJDA and there should be a representative at the September meeting to give the update.

Duvall presented bids for a county-wide property re-assessment required by the state. Duvall said a Request for Proposal (RFP) was put out for two weeks and only one bidder responded but was a company that has worked with the county in the past. Duvall said $75,000 had been budgeted for the re-assessment and the single bid came in under that amount. Commissioners approved McCormick Solutions for the property re-assessment at $68,500.

Videos of the August County Commission Worksession and Meeting can be viewed below.