Mullis Creates Committee to Review Election Security Proposals, Ensure Constituent Concerns are Heard


Senator Jeff Mullis has announced the creation of a committee to review proposals for election security and to hear concerns from residents in his district regarding elections.

“As we continue to explore ways to make elections more secure in the State of Georgia, I believe it is paramount to consult local experts and stakeholders in order to supplement and strengthen the current election security proposals that I will introduce this session,” Mullis said  “This effort is designed to build upon the current recommendations of the Senate Republican Caucus and my own proposed legislation. As we form this committee, we will also be setting up a new email inbox that’s sole purpose is to collect the suggestions and concerns of the citizens of the 53 rd Senate District. This will streamline the contact process, ensuring that your ideas are heard and will directly influence policy proposals.
As we review your suggestions and I hear the recommendations of the committee, I will release the highlights of the final draft piece of legislation once the upcoming session convenes in Atlanta. I have promised from day one that I will fight for you, the security of our elections, and ensure that your voices are heard. This is one of many actions I intend to undertake in order to uphold that promise.”
Mullis also provided the names of the committee members.
Senator Jeff Mullis, co-chair
Clayton Fuller, co-chair (Dade County)
Evan Stone, member (Dade County)
Rickey Kittle, member (Catoosa County)
Jeremy Jones, member (Catoosa County)
Kenneth Bruce, member (Chattooga County)
Spencer Hogg, member (Chattooga County)
Matt Williamson, member (Walker County)
Jim Buckner, member (Walker County)
Committee contact email