Liquor-by-the-Drink and Liquor Stores are Now in the Hands of the Voters


Due to a change in State Law this past year that now gives local city voters control over liquor sales, the Trenton City Council on Monday moved to allow three different resolutions to come before the voter in November. Sunday Alcohol Sales, Liquor-by-the-Drink, and Liquor Stores were passed on the consent agenda during the work session. This means that each resolution (included at the bottom) will appear on the ballots during the election on November 2nd, with advance voting starting October 12th.

The Trenton City Planning Committee proposed new guidelines and definitions for what specifies a “hotel” and “motel,” which had never been defined in the city charter. Mayor Case and the Planning Committee stated that they were going to get rid of the idea of a “motel” within city limits; with the Days Inn being grandfathered in as Trenton’s only motel. A hotel may be built; but must follow the guidelines as to what defines a “hotel.” If the Planning Committee’s version of “hotel” goes into place, it would have to have a minimum of 20 rooms per floor and no less than two floors, interior-only entrances to the rooms, a property improvement plan no longer than 15 years, and 1 1/2 parking spaces per guest room.

“We want to keep our town nice and clean,” said Case. Case admitted that the plan came in response to Jay Patel’s proposal last month to build a motel on his property on McKaig Road. Patel had said he was in talks with Deerfield Inn & Suites. Street Commissioner Monda Wooten said the company’s other locations and online reviews reflected a poor quality that Dade County residents didn’t want to see in their town. “We don’t want to go down the slippery slope and wind up looking (dirty).” After comments from Patel in regards to the economic need of the city–citing lineman and tourists looking for places to stay while they work and vacation in the area, Mayor Case said that they would reassess the definitions the Planning Committee proposed and revisit the issue. At this time, the recommendations by the Planning Committee was not accepted.

In reference to the rising COVID cases, Mayor Case added to remain careful, wear your masks, and to continue distancing when possible. “Think of the community,” he said. “The main goal is to keep everyone safe while we get through this.”

Qualifying for the Police and Parks & Recreations Commissioner seat during the upcoming election is August 16-18 from 8:30 – 4:00pm at the City Hall.

The Commission has raised sewage rates for non-resident customers. Last month the sewer rates were raised for city residents.

We’ve included the full work session and meeting below, as well as the 3 ordinances concerning liquor and how they will appear on the ballot.

by Orey Yates