Lamar Lowery Officially Announces Bid for District 1 Re-election


I am announcing my candidacy for re-election as District 1 commissioner.  I am 63 years old and a life long Dade Countian, married to my wife, Kathy, for 41 years, and have two adult children and five grandchildren.

The reason I’m late in announcing is I’ve been waiting for the 2nd Amendment (the right to keep and bear arms) to become a county law.  On 5/5/2022, the final reading was passed and is now a county law.  Ordinance #05-05-22 states, “be it ordained and enacted by the Board of Commissioners and in support of the 2nd Amendment rights of Dade County citizens, no county resources shall be used to enforce gun restrictions or gun accessory laws that are in violation of the State of Georgia.”  I authored this law and am proud to help protect our gun rights at the local government level.

I have served as Commissioner of District 1 from 2003-2010 and again from 2019 to present.  In these eleven years of service I have never voted for a mileage rate increase, which means, I have never voted for a tax increase on your home, property, or business.  I am the only commissioner on the board now who voted for the senior school tax exemption, the 65 and 5 acres,  I also am the only commissioner to publicly vow to do all I can to protect it from being overturned.

In my first term as commissioner I helped lobby for and got passed, the Home Value Freeze.  This exemption allows you to freeze your home value indefinitely unless a major renovation occurs to your home.  This exemption has stopped backdoor tax increases by raising values.  If you’re not signed up for this exemption, I would recommend you go to the tax accessors office and apply.  This exemption is open to everyone regardless of age or income.

I would be proud to continue serving as your District 1 Commissioner and am asking for your vote and support.

Lamar Lowery

District 1 Commissioner