Dade County Residents May Qualify for Septic System Repair Assistance


Dade County residents may be included in an assistance program to help with repairs on their septic systems.

The Limestone Valley Resource Conservation and Development Council has released a public statement regarding the qualification below:

“Financial assistance is available to assist residents and landowners in certain areas of Catoosa, Dade, Whitfield, and Walker counties with septic system repairs through a grant held by the Limestone Valley Resource Conservation and Development Council. Funding assistance covers a certain percentage of septic system repair.

Please call the number below to check your eligibility for cost-share assistance on a septic system repair. Areas generally eligible include lands that drain to Lookout Creek or the headwaters of South Chickamauga Creek.

The program to repair failing septic systems in the area is in place because failing systems tend to leach high bacteria effluent into groundwater, runoff, and eventually surface waters, which can lead to increased risk of human health.

This program is part of a larger initiative to improve water quality in local streams. Other programs associated with this endeavor include providing cost-share funding for agricultural projects where best management practices (BMPs) are implemented to improve
water quality. Examples of BMPs associated with agricultural projects include alternative watering systems to provide clean water for livestock, cross-fencing to establish rotational grazing practices, heavy use area protection for feeding and other high-traffic areas, stream crossings, walkways, and travel lanes for livestock,
and others depending upon specific needs. BMPs are generally designed to reduce erosion, improve farm management and grazing efficiency, conserve water, and improve water quality in local streams.

Funding is provided by a Clean Water Act grant from Georgia Environmental Protection Division and administered by Limestone Valley Resource Conservation and Development Council, a local, community-based non-profit organization.

Local contractors will provide septic system repairs with technical assistance provided by the Georgia Division of Public Health. The Natural Resource Conservation Service is currently assisting with agricultural projects. Financial assistance will be considered and implemented with respect to private property rights and under
voluntary landowner participation only.”

For more information about this grant or to see if you are eligible, please call or e-mail:

Matt Heath
Watershed Program Coordinator
Limestone Valley Resource Conservation and Development Council
(706) 514-6366
[email protected]