Dade County in Top Five Most Valuable Georgia Counties to Live In Regarding Property Taxes, According to Study


According to a recent study by SmartAsset, Dade County is among the top counties in Georgia according to value. The study measured the effective property tax paid in each county, as well as a few other metrics; School Rating, Home Value Growth, and Overall Index, to arrive at which counties give you the best “bang for your buck.”

When asked to comment on the state of the County’s value, County Executive Ted Rumley replied, “You don’t get to this point in a county overnight; it’s something our County has achieved by working together. Between our constitutional officers and elected officials, it’s taken us years to reach this status. A lot of counties would give anything to be in the top twenty, and the fact that Dad is reflects positively on our county as a people; between those that live here and those that are moving in making the county a wonderful and successful place to live.”

The following is the information from the study, as well as a link to the study itself;

by Orey Yates