Dade County Advertises Propose Tax Increase as County’s Assessed Value Rises


The County held the first two of three public hearings to update the millage rate on Wednesday, August 4th. According the Vice Chairman Robert Goff during the second hearing, Dade County grew by $30 million based on assessments by the Tax Assessor’s office.

The following is the press release provided by the Board of Commissioners

Notice was given to Dade County residents that, based on the proposed millage rate, there will be a required increase in Unincorporated Area property tax of 5.81% and Incorporated Area property tax of 1.11%. Goff explained later in the meeting, in response to questions about why the City of Trenton’s tax was lower, that it was a common misconception by County residents: He stated that what people don’t understand is that those who live within the city limits pay both taxes.

The videos of both meetings can be found below.

by Orey Yates