County Executive Discusses Highway Maintenance and Property Values


County Executive Ted Rumley discusses a discrepancy regarding the maintenance of right-of-ways for state highways in Dade County. The county has been asked to maintain these areas all the way up to the bridge, which goes against the usual practice of maintaining up to the exit ramps. This is a significant issue, especially for exits with high traffic volume, and it is something that needs to be resolved. Rumley also mentions this evening’s meeting of the County Commission, where they will discuss the budget and discuss the millage rate. He acknowledges the significant growth in the county and the increase in property values across the whole region, which he attributes to fair market value and appraisal comparisons. They also mention that the area is attracting many new residents, leading to higher prices for houses, sometimes even double their original value. They highlighted the importance of addressing these issues, and any interested individuals can reach out to County Executive Ted Rumley for further discussion.

To reach County Executive Rumley, please call 423-667-8999

Watch the full conversation here!