Bond Hearing to Validate Up to $10 Million of E-SPLOST Funds Set for Tuesday in Dade County Superior Court


In March of 2021, Dade County voters approved an additional 5-year E-SPLOST, a Special Local Ordinance Sales Tax for education specifically; including wording that allows the board to bond up to $10 million. The Board has not yet voted to bond that money up front. A bond hearing will be held on Tuesday, March 15th as part of the procedural part of the bonding process.

The attorney for the Dade County Board of Education is scheduled to appear in front of a Superior Court Judge on Tuesday, March 15th to validate the process in which the Board of Education decides to issue bonds, if they decide to move forward.

According to Superintendent Josh Ingle: “The bond hearing is to validate the process if the school board decides to issue bonds.  In conjunction with the referendum to renew E-SPLOST, up to $10 million in bonds were authorized by voters if the board decides to do so.  Many school districts across Georgia issue bonds to fund projects upfront, particularly with capital improvement projects. This enables districts to lock out future construction inflation and address facility needs without postponing projects.”

by Orey Yates