Angela Pence Launches Campaign for Georgia Senate District 53


Angela Pence, a lifelong Northwest Georgia resident and passionate advocate for limited government and economic freedom, officially launched her Republican campaign for Georgia’s 53rd State Senate District today. Pence aims to bring principled, effective leadership to a district that has gone unheard amid the reckless antics of an incumbent bent on self-promotion instead of humble leadership. Born and raised in the heart of northwest Georgia, Pence is not just another candidate; she is a reflection of us – the hardworking, everyday citizens who yearn for a voice that echoes our lives, concerns, and real needs in the halls of the capital.

“The people of this district deserve a real fighter – someone who understands their lives, their
hopes, and their struggles. Someone who will tirelessly battle to protect their freedoms,
liberties, and interests, not just engage in self-serving political theater,” stated Pence. “While my opponent has been busy crafting his next viral moment, real issues that affect our families, our livelihoods, and our freedom have been ignored,” said Pence. “It’s time District 53 elects a leader who prioritizes wins for our people over likes on social media. I’m running to be the voice for ordinary citizens who want real results, not neverending partisan shouting matches.”

Angela Pence stands apart as a candidate not by mere political aspiration but by her indelible
roots in the community she aims to serve. From her many days coaching youth sports to her
active role in the Chamber of Commerce and various civic initiatives with grassroots
engagement, Angela has proven her dedication to her community and region. Her political journey, which began with a Libertarian run for Congress in 2022 aimed at highlighting Georgia’s restrictive ballot laws, reflects a deep-seated belief in the principles of limited government and individual liberties. Yet, Angela’s views are not static; they have matured and deepened through her ongoing engagement with the community and her commitment to learning and growth. This evolution of thought showcases her as a leader who is both principled and adaptable, qualities essential for a leader in a fast changing era.

“While Senator Moore grandstands for retweets and shares, real crises in his district like toxic
water contamination in our schools and skyrocketing property taxes–due to an outdated state education funding formula– have gone unaddressed,” stated Pence. “The people don’t need any more unhinged sideshows – they need someone who will roll up their sleeves, put in the real work, and score concrete wins that positively impact their daily lives.”

As Senate District 53 stands at a crossroads, Angela Pence offers a path forward grounded in
the realities of everyday citizens. Her campaign is a testament to the power of representation
that goes beyond mere rhetoric to tangible action and results. While her opponent may be
lauded as a fighter, Angela embodies the role of an achiever—someone who understands that true leadership is measured not by the battles waged but by the victories won for the people.

“Angela Pence is one of us – a humble citizen of this district who will tirelessly advocate for our values of limited government, economic freedom, and individual liberty,” said supporter David Lockhart.

Local businessman Bobby Teems touts that “Angela knows how to bring people together to fight for what matters, and win meaningful victories for the people.”

“There’s a clear choice in this election between an obstructionist sideshow and a serious public servant committed to advancing an agenda of freedom and prosperity rooted in the founding principles of America,” Pence stated. “I humbly ask for your support. District 53 deserves a state senator who not only knows how to pick the right battles but how to win them.”

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