The Jackson County School District in Alabama has released their Parent’s Guide for students returning to school. The guide was released Thursday, July 9 and says it, “is general information and more guidance will be available for parents and teachers before school starts.”  The guide also notes that the guide is for information only and is subject to change with state and Federal guidelines.

The full guide can be found below –

When will school start?
● Students will begin August 7, 2020.

What are my child’s learning options?
● Students will choose between 2 learning paths and will make a semester long commitment to that learning path.
● Path 1 – Traditional / Blended Ready Learning – Students on this path attend school, receive face to face                      instruction, but are prepared to learn at home for brief periods if circumstances change (blended ready).
● Path 2 – Remote Learning – Students on this path learn at home and receive virtual instruction from a designated       JCS teacher through Schoology, video conferencing, and other digital tools.
● Your school will contact you within the next week about your choice.

If my child learns at home (Remote or Blended), what will be used to teach them?
● JCS will use Schoology (an online state aligned curriculum) along with content created by our teachers using               other digital tools.

If my child chooses remote learning, will they be able to participate in sports?
● Yes, they will be allowed to participate.

What is JCS doing to keep my child safe on the bus?
● Students are encouraged to wear a mask when riding the bus.
● All buses will be sanitized after each bus route/trip.
● Buses will load back to front and unload front to back.
● Students will have assigned seats on the bus, and will sit in the same seat every day.
● Roof hatches or windows will be open when possible to allow fresh air to circulate.

What is JCS doing to keep my child safe at school?
● All staff will be trained to recognize signs and symptoms of Covid-19 and how to respond effectively.
● Staff and students will have their temperatures checked daily upon arrival at school and as needed throughout the       day.
● Each school will be cleaned/sanitized daily.
● JCS will ensure that frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned frequently with either an EPA-approved                         disinfectant or diluted bleach solution.
● Restrooms will be cleaned frequently.
● Hand sanitizer stations will be available throughout the school.
● Students will have frequent opportunities for handwashing and hand sanitizer use.
● Parents/guardians will only be allowed in the office area.
● Social distancing will be encouraged (class changes, break, high traffic areas).

Will students be required to wear masks?
● Masks are strongly encouraged, but not required.
● The Alabama State Department of Education will be providing three masks for each student.

Will employees be required to wear masks?
● We will follow all Alabama Health Order guidelines set forth by Governor Kay Ivey.
● As of 7/1/2020, the current health order requires the use of a mask or other facial covering by an education                   employee within 6 feet of a person from a different household.

What about school meals?
● Students will not self-serve meals. CNP employees will plate a student’s meal to prevent them from touching                  utensils.
● Cashiers will key in each student’s number so that students are not touching keypads.
● Breakfast- Should not exceed 50% occupancy in the cafeteria. Grab n go breakfast options will be provided daily.
● Lunch- Should not exceed 50% occupancy in the cafeteria with rotations of students dining in the cafeteria, in               classrooms or other designated areas.
● Outside visitors and/or family guests will not be allowed to dine in the school cafeteria.
● Families will be encouraged to prepay online via PayPams:                                                                                                                                          and to complete online free and reduced applications:
● A menu app is also available via Nutrislice:

What if a student or teacher tests positive for COVID-19?
● All schools will have a quarantine room for symptomatic students near the nurse’s office. Students will be provided       a mask and isolated until a parent picks them up.
● Staff and students who test positive should test negative or be quarantined for 14 days AND be asymptomatic             (fever free) for 3 days before returning to school.
● The classroom and all common areas will be cleaned and disinfected before any student returns to those areas.
● Without using names, parents of other students in the class will receive notification as soon as possible. Student
information will be kept confidential. It is the responsibility of the Alabama Department of Public Health to notify             anyone who has been exposed.
● The Alabama Department of Public Health defines direct exposure as being within 6 feet or less for a period of 15
minutes or more.

What if my child has an IEP or 504 Plan?
● Jackson County Schools will consider the revision of students’ IEPS in coordination with general and special                 education teachers. The evolving needs of students will be monitored using assessment data and parent feedback.         The IEP team will design accommodations and match services accordingly.

What about school supply lists?
● A school supply packet will be provided by the school district for each student.

What about after school programs?
● We will be having after school programs at some of our schools.

What about athletics?
● Yes, as of now, sports will happen. We will follow guidelines set forth by the Alabama High School Athletic                      Association.

What about Pre-K?
● We have pre-k at eleven of our campuses and all of them will be in session as long as regular school is in session.

What can I do to help?
● Check for symptoms.
● Personal responsibility is key:
o Do not send children to school exhibiting any symptoms or illness, be mindful of others,
o Maintain personal space boundaries,
o Talk to your children about washing their hands often, not touching their face, and maintaining personal
space boundaries.

Will my child’s school be having field trips this school year?
● Jackson County Schools will not be allowing field trips during the 2020-2021 school year.

What if I have more questions?
● Visit for the latest information
● Email questions to [email protected]
● Contact your school principal