Atlanta Braves manager Brian Snitker expressed his frustration with Major League Baseball’s rule barring runners from running through catchers to disrupt plays at the plate.

Snitker made his comments after the Braves lost Sunday night to the Philadelphia Phillies. The game ended after Dansby Swanson was tagged out at the plate, failing to get by Andrew Knapp.


“[Knapp] was sitting there pretty good, but they’re not calling that anymore,” Snitker said, as noted. “They need to take that off the book and just start blowing up catchers again.”

Snitker added that he thought Knapp was in front of the plate before he had the ball.

“He didn’t get the ball and then take the plate away. He was waiting in front of the plate as the rule says. The ball didn’t take him there. He was already there,” he said.


Knapp said if he was in front of the plate before the ball got to him, it was because of the throw.

“Thankfully, that throw kind of took me into the line, so I was able to take it into the tag with me,” Knapp said. “I just knew that whether or not I had the ball, I wasn’t really going to let him get to the plate. It was kind of a do-or-die play, and I ended up coming up with it.”


Rules to eliminate collisions at the plate took effect in 2014.