September/October Gardening Snapshot


By: Sarah Dyer

Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Agent

UGA College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences | Dade County UGA Extension


Hi Dade Gardeners!

For those of you who chose to plant fall crops, I hope they’re growing well! You may have some ready for harvest, including herbs. When you harvest herbs, dry them in a cool, dry place. At this time, you can consider one final planting of fall vegetable transplants that have a short interval remaining to maturity. You’ll likely need to protect these crops from upcoming potential frosts. You can do this by using a bed sheet, drop cloth, or plastic sheet. You want the item you use to be near to the plants, but it is best to use stakes to keep the item from directly laying on or touching the foliage of the plants. 

Remember to refurbish mulch as needed to control weeds. As the seasons change and leaves begin to fall, you can start adding leaves and other materials to the compost pile. Store your manure under cover to prevent leaching of nutrients.

Hopefully during the dry spells, you remembered to water your plants. Remember to water deeply and thoroughly during lack of rainfall to prevent drought stress. Pay special attention to any new transplants trying to get established. On the other hand, don’t overwater if you receive plenty of rain (like we all did on Thursday, 9/25/2020). 

As the end of the growing season draws near for us in Dade, I hope you enjoy the beautiful cooler days tending to your final crops of the year. Once the season is over, I’ll provide some steps you can take to begin preparing your gardening ground for next year. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to give me a call at the Extension office at 706-657-4116.