Can a Chiropractic Adjustment Truly Improve Health Beyond Pain Relief?


Can a Chiropractic Adjustment Truly Improve Health Beyond Pain Relief?

Some people believe that the primary benefits of chiropractic adjustments mostly involve pain relief. Witnessing a chiropractor make an adjustment even appears to some people as simply applying back and neck pressure to relieve discomfort. A common inquiry among many chiropractic patients involves the honest question about an adjustment’s influence on areas of the body outside the spine.

Truly comprehending the value of an adjustment requires an understanding of more than meets the eye. The subtle movements of the hands and the sometimes-audible cracks that occur work in union with the body to unlock so much more than pain relief.

Understanding the importance of a healthy spine provides the simplest path to comprehending the power of a chiropractic adjustment. The spine has a purpose far beyond helping a person stand up straight. The bones of the spine accomplish so much more than simply protecting the vital life source found in the spinal cord. The spine also supplies a significant amount of the vital nutrition to the brain. Electrical feedback takes place through movement. The better the movement, the better the brain and nervous system function. When the nervous system functions better, all aspects of health and human performance improve. Scientific research continues to prove the significant value of a healthy spine.

Several articles and research studies expand the growing library of evidence that prove chiropractic adjustments provide broad range health and healing. A few of the many research studies listed below demonstrate the scope of chiropractic influence on whole body health:

· Improved Blood Pressure after Atlas Adjustment (2007)

· Improved Immune Function and Reduced Allergies with Improved Spinal Health (2004)

· Improved Hormone Balance Following Spinal Adjustment (2015)

· Poor Health Outcomes in Measured Categories as Posture Deviation Increased (2005)

· Improved Brain Function following Spinal Adjustment (2016)

· Improved Heart Rate, Breathing, and Autonomic Function in Infants After Upper Neck Adjustment (2002)

Much of the medical community remains unaware of the massive amounts of research that provides better health options and opportunities to families. Improved spinal alignment and movement offer health solutions in place of dangerous drugs and surgeries in many cases.

Families around the world continue to experience benefits of chiropractic care that extend far beyond the back and neck pain. Science and research combined with over 125 years of proven results continue to explain why everyone with a spine and nervous system can benefit from regular chiropractic checkups and adjustments. The chiropractic approach to life and health continues to gain awareness and popularity for adults, children, and families who value a drugless and non-invasive approach to healthcare.